Soccer fan to rejoice over the smartphone app refurbishment

Isn’t booking the tickets a tedious job? The answer is going to be a “Yes” no doubt. Therefore, Seattle Sounders are trying to make mobile ticketing the next hit for the Seattle football seasons. For the football lovers, the Sounders have come up with a new mobile ticketing technology instead of using the old plastic match pass cards. The MLS has refurbished its iOS and Android mobile ticketing app. It has redesigned and updated the app for make the mobile ticketing easier. The mobile ticketing is a trend that is being seen in the professional sports.

According to Sounders COO Bart Wiley, the mobile ticketing is easier but there are lots of menu options you got to go through in order to book your tickets. But once you have booked it, you have it right there in front of you the moment you log in. However, there were certain fans that preferred the old match pass cards, so the plastic cards sales were retained. As the world is getting tech-friendly the development of more and more technology can be expected, be it in the field of science or sports.

Sports technology development is what Wiley is looking at for now. He believes that the mobile ticketing will make the app users reach stadium faster without holding onto the match pass cards. The app will have videos, news, match schedules, etc. added to the existing features. The app also provides the users a chance to vote for the “Man of the Match” of the game. In addition to this, it has “Sounders Strobe” feature and also “Live Scores” feature with a T-Mobile branding, the purpose of which are known. The company plans to add an extra feature with the help of which the users, along with their tickets, can book for food and beverages as well.

Thus, the mobile ticketing is going to help gather more crowds for the MLS club this season.

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