First ever motor boat racing held in India, Mumbai with a great wavy performance

India is the country where every type of sport is grasped and gets emerged very smoothly. The citizens here love to try out new adventures and bring some new sport in the country. The racing sport has started to make it place in the India, the action started from the day when the F1 race track was the first-time build in India, which gave out lots of talented racers from India.

And now coming on the water sports racing, it isn’t totally new in the country, as in south regions boat racing have traditional significance. But it’s all manual rowing races. The introduction of motor or power boat racing was totally new for Indian sea and for the people too.

The event was organized in Mumbai at Marine drive waters. The competition that was first time organized in India and witnessed by the people in Mumbai got a huge respond (not as on cricket stadium), but yes there was a considerable crowd.

The competition was open to all who had best pilots and navigator and machine to drive from across the globe. The prize for the winners was a reward of $1, 25,000.

The racing event started on March 3, which included practice run and qualifying race. The real action started on the second day with increased number of crowd to cheer over the weekend. The day started with a parade lap at 2 pm, later the show started with splashing music of water with penetration of motors made a vrooming atmosphere in waters in the Arabian Sea. The race had a start run of 15 laps with 2 pits lab. The final race was dated on Sunday 2, March with start run of 20 laps.

The race track was specially designed and measured 5.2 km in total length. Various foreign pilots participated in the race, in which two of them represented India.

Looking at the overall management of this first racing event, it looked clean and with well-organized facilities and race track marked with red and yellow balls which enhanced the looks of the Mumbai’s queen’s necklace.

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