Champions League: Real Madrid beats Napoli by 3-1 and confirms its position in quarters

Champions’ league is slowly moving into its quarterfinal level. Focusing on to the recently played game between Real Madrid versus Napoli the result came into the favor of Madrid’s.

After the whistle was blown, within a short duration Napoli’s fired up the stadium with its first lightening fired goal as an early score.

Zinedine Zidane —Coach, Real Madrid said, “the first half was very stressful for us, as opponents just pounced on the field with extreme efforts, but post planning the second half of the game and by doing some quick changes brought us into a better position”.

We were expecting that beginning of the match will be intricate to play, but the second half changes brought us into the game with great energy, he affirmed.

The Maurizio Sarri—Napoli Coach, said at an initiate start of the match we were not only equal to the mad rid’s but also made their play difficult for more than 55 minutes. He also said we felt disappointed for the fans as they deserved something positive.

The first half was totally ruled by the Napoli’s which gave them a lead 1-0 that was shot from the bottom right corner by Dries Mertens. Further, the picture of the match turned totally in the second half after a header hit by Sergio Ramos, assisted by Toni Kroos. A great mistake was named on the Mertens when he unknowingly crossed the ball in the net, which was an own goal. This gave Real Madrid lead of 2-1. And in the additional time, Álvaro Morata directed the shot through the center of the goal post.

Sergio Ramos affirmed that we need to work hard, to defend its title of Champions League.

On the other side, the update from another fixture in the 16 round, Bayern Munich also confirmed its place at quarters with a score of 5-1 against Arsenal at Emirates stadium.

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