New ruleS in Cricket by MCC: If you misbehave on ground get ready to bear the loss of awarding five extra runs to the opponents

Cricket is believed to be a gentlemen’s game in early days since the game was brought into the practice. But changing generation and competition has poured some aggression in the game. Youngblood boils soon on the field and it sometimes gets too nasty when the schedule is set among the renowned on-field rivals. Recently, the Indian seamer Ishant Sharma was trending online after he sledged Steve Smith by making some weird and funny expression at 2 test match in Ranchi, India.

This isn’t the only example, there are uncountable incidents recorded some of the players have already penalized. Looking forward to control these incidents and balance the sport, MCC—Marylebone Cricket Club that is based in London and which has official rights to implement laws for cricket since 1787 will soon introduce two new code of laws, first was about the limitation on the bat size. As per the new rule the size of the bat will be restricted to 108mm by width, 40mm edges, and 67 mm in depth. This decision was concluded after the consulting with the manufacturers, players, and other governing bodies.


On the other side, second law will empower the umpires to send back the player who misbehave on the field. The player will be sent off after the warnings and will momentarily or permanently be dismissed from the game.

On field offenses such as, purposely directing towards the batsmen, physical contact with the opponent player will result in awarding five penalty runs to the opponent team. If found daunting umpires, spectators, other players, would add an additional penalty of dismissing from the field and 5 penalty runs to the opponents.

Looking at the overall structure of rules, players would love to spread love rather than getting penalized.

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