Michael Clarke supports Kohli slamming the media controversy

Michael Clarke, the former Australia captain, gave a black eye to his country’s media for its chaotic attacks on Virat Kohli—present India captain.

According to the Australian team, Kohli used illicit calling methods for referrals of DRS during the 2nd Test match in Bengaluru. Moreover, Kohli has been in the controversial talks for the entire 4 Test series that were played against Australia.

This controversy took a whole new level when Kohli condemned the Australian team for supposedly taunting Patrick Farhart—the physiotherapist of team India. Kohli was under treatment by Patrick Farhart after being injured while trying to keep a run in our account during the 3rd Test match in Ranchi.

To add up to the already-going-on tensions, Glenn Maxwell—Australian all rounder—was spotted taunting Kohli for his shoulder injury during the Ranchi Test match when Kohli was busy batting.

The Daily Telegraph, an Australian publication, insulted Kohli by comparing him with Donald Trump by saying “Soft cricketing administrators have given rise to a bat-wielding Trump.”

Furthermore, the publication also mentioned that Kohli hangs on to his opponents’ brazen disrespect and the game to encourage his team and himself—the same way as Arjuna Ranatunga, former Sri Lankan skipper.

When Michael Clarke was asked to share his thoughts on the comparison of Virat Kohli and Donald Trump and about the criticism of Kohli by Australian media, he said, “Comparing Virat Kohli with Donald Trump—what a load of sh*t is that. What Virat did, even Smith would have”.

Clarke further added, “Bear in mind, I love Kohli and the Australian public love him. It’s just two or three reporters who are trying to tarnish him”.

He also praised Kohli for his performance despite his shoulder injury saying, “Virat is tough and if you’re number one, then you have got to be tough. That’s how champions play”.

Harsha Bhogle—the well-known cricket commentator—also condemned the media on Twitter for dissenting about the Test series between India and Australia.

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