Purple cap competition in 2017 IPL starts with some new names on the list  

We are already experiencing the thrills of the 2017 IPL season 10. Where the players behind every endorsed jersey are giving its best to make the team stand on the top of the list at least for now as the finals are too for the talks. From the highest valued player to the lowest one, each and every sportsperson are contributing in some or the other form on the field.

IPL has some smart concept of on-field appreciations such as the significance of orange and purple cap. The practicality of the concepts has motivated the bowlers and batsmen to give their best to grab that colored cap. And once again the competition for the orange and purple cap has commenced. Just after some days of the 2017 IPL inauguration, there is some mind flattering and talented heads on the field who have already booked their spot on the listing.

Are there any such examples out there that still don’t know what actually the cap colors signify? Alright, Let us clear you, a Purple cap is awarded for the bowlers who perform out of the box. Same goes with the orange cap but this is one is for batsmen with best strike rate and highest runs.

This season the spinners are ruling the pitch and have performing sportingly so far. Presently the bowler that is ranking on the top was the one who wasn’t bought in the IPL auction but made an entry due to the array of injuries in the Pune supergiants team. Imran Tahir­– leg spinner all the way from South Africa is leading the board with 6 wickets so far. Second is the Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan who is just a wicket behind to achieve that Purple cap. The competition for the cap is juggling it from player to player.

Purple Cap Holders – IPL 2017
Players M I R W AVG ECO
ImranTahir 3 3 81 6 13.5 6.75
Rashid Khan 2 2 55 5 11 6.87
Zaheer Khan 2 2 50 5 10 7.5
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2 2 48 4 12 6
Chris Morris 2 2 40 4 10 6.66
Yuzvendra Chahal 3 3 70 3 23.33 6.08
Sandeep Sharma 2 2 59 3 19.66 7.37
Pat Cummins 2 2 53 3 17.66 7.39
Kuldeep Yadav 2 2 60 3 20 7.5
Krunal Pandya 2 2 45 3 15 7.5

The tough competition is juggling the cap from player to player.

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