A Bowl Game isn’t out of reach……

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Post by: Braxton Howard

Mark Stoops
No coach, I am not crazy.

This weekend I was talking with someone with a better football mind than myself and they said something that got me to thinking; can Kentucky make a bowl game this season?

His argument was all based around Neal Browns air raid offense, saying it is so simple but so effective and that it will catch everyone by surprise. When he first said this I brushed it off as just someone being over confident about their buddies first year at a new SEC job, but the more I kept to thinking about it, the less crazy it seemed.

Yes, I know we play 5 of the top 10 teams in the country, I know we do not have a receiver of the team that has ever cough a touchdown, and so on and so on, but is 6 wins really that crazy of a thought?

Yes there are some games that we have NO shot at winning: Alabama, at South Carolina, and at Georgia; but there are also some games we should win fairly easy: Alabama State and Miami of Ohio.

For the sake of this argument, I am going to assume they beat Western Kentucky, Alabama State, and Miami of Ohio, and all of a sudden we are half way there. Now, where does the next 3 come from? Well both Missouri and Tennessee will be down this season, and with both the games being in Lexington, I feel good about the Cats chances at coming away with a W.

Now we need to steal one out of the Louisville, Florida, at Mississippi State and at Vanderbilt group. Both Louisville and Florida are top 10 teams, and Vandy received some top 25 votes so common sense would say to pick that 6th win to be Mississippi State. But to me, they are all winnable games; not easily winnable games but you get the point.

So there you have it, Kentucky this season will beat Western, Alabama State, Miami of Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, and either Louisville, Florida, Mississippi State, or Vandy (hopefully Louisville) and will go to a bowl game this season.

Music City Bowl here we come.

Go Cats.

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