A word with David Warner

David Warner, the opening batsmen of the Australian cricket team spoke about the second upcoming Test match against the Men in Blue. Before moving to this topic, let us first discuss the last Test that took place in Pune. Many experts are giving a lame explanation that the main reason behind the loss of the Indian cricket team is the pitch. Did we hear right??? Well, the pitch was the same for the Australian team as well. Or did they bring it from their homeland?

Well, according to us, the main reason behind the loss of team India is either lack of practice from bowlers as well as batsmen or the overflow of confidence since their win against the England team. Well, moving on towards Warner, he said that the Australian team is completely aware of the Indian players and their capabilities. They are also well aware of the fact that team India holds the primary rank in the Test. And this is the main reason that motivates them. He further continued to tell that the Australian team is not doing a mistake by underestimating the Indian boys. They are aware that the competition will be tough and hence they practice with more focus and concentration.

When asked about the current situation regarding the upcoming Test at Bengaluru, Warner said that the team is coping up with the climate. We guess that the Kangaroos cannot bear the Indian heat!!! Well, keeping jokes aside, David also mentioned that they have doubled their practice time. He also said that the team is working hard to grab this Test match and take the series in their pocket.

Well, hearing David say this, it is time for the Indian boys to pull up their socks and win this Test. We wish a good luck for both the teams.

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