John Calipari has Pat Forde come check out his new mattress

| June 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

“You made your bed, now lay in it,” were the words for the incomparable Pat Forde back last March after UK was coming off their humiliating defeat at the hands of lowly South Carolina.

Well, Cal did just that, and just last week he went out and bought a new Tempurpedic “Stacks on Stacks” Sleeper Mattress to lay on.

“It’s really great,” Coach Cal told reporters last week.  “Pat Forde came out to the house and I let him take a test nap on it, and he said it was the best sleep he ever got.”

“It really helps my hip for after this hip replacement surgery too.”

Pat Forde was reached for comment, but all he could say was, “I wish I had one of those beds.”

According to Cal, this new mattress was actually built into his recent contract with Kentucky.  “Cleveland offered me plenty of money, but they wouldn’t cave on the mattress, so it was a no-go.”

“I told Forde I could have Tempur-Pedic make him one, but he’d have to provide the $1 bills.  He wasn’t interested in the dollar menu version.”

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