Derek Kief, Sensitive Information, Sharp Double-Edged Swords

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Oooo shiny.

Yesterday was a pretty ugly day from the UK Sports Media world.

Derek Kief committed to Alabama, as many expected that he would.  From there, things got a little weird.  Justin Rowland of put some information on the premium board discussing Kief’s recruitment implying that UK certainly didn’t think this recruitment was over and that some sources at UK believed that UK would flip Kief by Signing Day.

That information was immediately taken off the premium board, and issued to the general public on Twitter and other outlets, creating a frenzy between what I consider “Rivals Dudes” and “KSR Dudes.”

There’s certainly several sides of both arguments here, and a major Catch-22 at work as well, but one thing is clear.  In my opinion, information that could be considered “sensitive”, and information that could possibly work against UK at some point, shouldn’t be shared with the general public.

This information getting leaked out is not a good thing for UK’s eventual chance with Kief.  Now, he may very well eventually flip to UK, but yesterday didn’t help things.  Now, Kief, an Alabama commit, will eventually have to answer questions about his commitment to Alabama.  He’ll have to answer whether or not this was his or his Mom’s decision.  That’s a good way to make a kid bitter, especially when you’re already assuming the kid is going to do something that he may currently have no intention of doing.

Here’s the double-edged sword on that.  In this day and age, it’s hard to keep premium info, well, premium.  So if you have sensitive information that probably doesn’t need to make it out to people yet, why post it there, even for your paying members?  It is true that should be privy to some information, but even they don’t need everything.

There’s certainly a double-edged sword out there in regards to “sources” and premium information.  On one hand, there are those (hippies especially) that believe all information should be free.  They see no point in paying for information, and think that if you’re going to put it on the internet, that they should have access to it.  Especially if it’s information that most UK fans would want to at least know.

On the other hand, you have those with sources, who say that you need to pay to get the information.  They’ve somehow made contacts through time who disseminate information to them in exchange for something, whether money, exposure, etc., not sure, but they get the information and make it available to you at a price.  It’s information you want, but it’s information that shouldn’t necessarily be posted publicly, so you pay for it.  The thing is that while information should be free, they could also choose not to give you the information.  Then, the information wouldn’t exist, nobody would have it, and we’d all live in the dark.  Essentially we’d have to resort to interviews kids do, and what they say on Twitter.  Oh Gawd, that’s a scary thought.

There’s certainly been a lot of bitterness among UK media lately, and I”m not sure exactly why.  UK is the preseason #1 basketball team in America, and UK currently has a top 5 football recruiting class.  Things are peachy.  Let’s all just figure out how to give due respect, both to other writers, as well as information and who the information gets leaked to.  We’re all on the same team here, even if we may have different opinions.

And that’s the bottom line.

Go Big Blue!

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