Roundtable: Best fit for Julius Randle in 2014 NBA Draft

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Where will Julius Randle go in this year’s NBA Draft? Photo by Jason Marcum

After a memorable freshman season with the Kentucky Wildcats, Julius Randle declared for the NBA Draft in hopes of being one of top picks this year. Questions surrounding his foot have hurt his stock, and now every team drafting in the top 10 looks like a legitimate destination for him.

We gathered the KSC staff to find the best fit for Randle in the pros. Be sure to check out where we think  James Young should go.

Here’s what we came up with.

Jason Marcum

As a die-hard Celtics fan, it pains me to say that the LA Lakers are the best fit for him. He could become the face of that franchise once Kobe Bryant retires in 2-3 years. At worst, he’s good enough to be a part of a ‘Big 3’ that they’ll eventually form.

It’s LA. They’ll stay down for only so long, and before you know it, they find away to get one or two more superstars and they’re back contending for championships.

This seems like the best fit for him, and it’s no coincidence the Lakers like him a lot.

Dan Bodner

It’s hard to argue against the LA Lakers being a great fit for Julius Randle.

Randle is arguably the most NBA-ready prospect in the draft, so he makes a lot of sense for the Lakers’ philosophy. Unlike some other teams at the top of the draft, the Lakers aren’t content with going through long rebuilding periods.

Grabbing Randle gives the Lakers a solid starter from day one who can help Kobe Bryant in his last run as a Laker. If LA can land a couple of other solid pieces this off-season, they could very well return to the playoffs with a (semi-)healthy Kobe Bryant.

Randle could then help to form the next core of players to try and succeed Bryant once his time is up and keep the Laker train rolling.

Brad Woodcock

The best fit for Julius Randle would have to be the Los Angeles Lakers, and we’d all be happy to say that we have a former Cat starring for the Lakers.

He’d get to see Kobe in action, and would provide an immediate help to a thin Lakers front court.  Although the Lakers have been down for a while, you know that won’t last long, since after all, it’s the Lakers, and maybe they can spearhead that with Julius Randle leading the way.

Tyler Mounce

Randle is a hard worker and has been continually showing during his workout with teams that he is a more valuable Power Forward than some of the other guys in the draft.  If he slips, teams are going to be salivating at the chance to pick him.  Embiid getting his foot hurt sort of threw a wrench into the whole draft, but it seems that it is only affecting the top 4 guys, where I believe that Randle will go is right outside the top 5.

With my best guess, I have him going to the Celtics at #6 or even they make a mistake, the Lakers will gobble him up at #7.  It would be sad to see, but he could fall to #10 at the Sixers, but I believe the NBA teams are smarter than that and one will get him before that.

I personally would like to see him at the Celtics, but the Lakers could surround him with some serious talent in the off-season.  It would also be fun to see him in Philly with Noel.  An awesome scenario would be if he went #8 to the Kings to play alongside Boogie, that would be big, strong frontcourt.

Good luck to Julius, I hope he finds a great fit for him personally.

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