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Data storing has become a major concern for anyone and everyone who are storing data in the computing devices. It has begun to affect the personal as well as professional lives of the users. Every business in the world wants to expand its storage capacity in the storage devices. This results in higher probability of loosing data. All the substantial organization related data is stored in the computer systems. This data is updated and manipulated so as to keep up the pace with competitors. What if this data is lost?

Data loss takes place from many unexpected events like electrical failure, system malfunctions, hardware crash, etc. Also sudden electricity surges can cause damage to the hard drive. Sometimes the user deletes certain files accidentally or formats a hard drive and doesn’t know how to retrieve it. Every file that is lost is recoverable, it is never lost. The files don’t vanish they just change their format which is not visible with naked eyes. There are professional data recovery softwares in the market that help the user to recover lost data easily.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one such data recovery software which is user friendly and does what it promises.

Features Of EaseUS

  • Supports 12 languages making it more users amiable.
  • Recovers from computers, cameras, laptops, palmtops, USB, zip drive, floppy disk or any other media.
  • Recovers almost all types of files of any format.
  • Its intelligent search system searches all possible file systems on the hard drive.
  • Supports all operating systems- windows, Mac, iOS, android.
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files even after the recycle bin has been emptied.
  • Recovers files from reinstalled windows as well.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software


Its 3 steps technique makes it accessible for the users to use and do a hard drive recovery. First, the user needs to install the program in the particular computing device and start it. After installing the user has to select a target location for search like any folder, partition, drive etc. This totally depends on what is lost in the system. Second, a scan will be carried out on the system. The first scan is a quick scan that displays all the cleaned and deleted files. After the quick scan another deep scan is carried out automatically in every part of the system drive. This is relatively a longer process as the scan takes place in all the sections of the system. The status and progress of the scan is visible on the screen for the user to keep track. Thirdly, the scan results show thousands of files which are dislocated and unsystematically arranged. The user can then select the files to be recovered and click on recover button. The files will then be saved on the computer or any other storage device for further use. The scan results can be exported and imported for future reference and comparison.

With such advancement in technology, it is a responsibility for users to know about data recovery tools and how to use it for a better comfortable life.

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