Harrison Twins awaiting feedback before making NBA Draft decision

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Aaron Harrison

While the Kentucky Wildcats await the decisions of the Harrison twins to go pro or return to school, they are waiting to get feedback from the NBA Draft advisory committee before making any decisions.

Aaron Harrison Sr, the father of Andrew and Aaron, told FOX 26 Sports that the family is still waiting for feedback from the NBA before making a decision regarding entering the NBA Draft:

“I just sent the paperwork in two or three days ago,” said Harrison Sr. “I talked to a gentleman at the NBA and he said he would get it to me as fast as possible and then we’ll go from there. 

“We are probably midway (to making a decision). We got to make a decision here in the next six or seven days anyway, but we’ve sat down and had one or two conversations about it and had some prayer about it, but that’s pretty much where we’re at. 

“They’re not leaning either way.”

Aaron and Andrew can follow the line of one-and-dones to come through UK, but they’l be happy returning to college for one more year.

“I think I’m blessed either way, just to be in this situation, to be able to go the NBA or go back to a great university,” Aaron said. 

“So I’m just blessed. I just got to take out all of the options and keep thinking about it.”

“It’s basically my career really. Don’t leave anything out. Think about all the angles and everything that goes into it and just try to make the best choice for your family.”

Andrew echoed those sentiments:

“Just keep praying about it,” Andrew said. “Just to be thankful that I’m in this situation, being able to go back to school or try to go in the draft. It’s something to be happy about.”

“It’s tough. You got to keep praying on it and just keep talking with your family and see what’s the best thing for you and your family.”

It sounds like the twins are truly still up in the air as to whether they’ll stay in school or go pro. The twins will return 


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