How To Combine Your Business Degree And Your Love Of Sports

While your love of football probably won’t land you in the NFL anytime soon, you may be surprised to learn that working in the field of your dreams isn’t that far away. So, dust off your old business degree and grab some Cracker Jacks; here are some ways you haven’t yet thought of to combine your business background with your inner sports fan for the career you’ve always wanted.

How To Combine Your Business Degree And Your Love Of Sports

Recreational Management

One of the best ways for you to put your management degree to good use is to get upfront and personal with your favorite sport. Would you give anything to be teeing off on the back nine? Look into resort golf club management, where you can network with people who share the same love of golf while possibly getting some tee time of your own. Find yourself fantasizing about the good old days as a tight end on the football field? You don’t even have to be a coach to participate in the management of a local Pop Warner league or football camp. There are a lot of ways to use the career skills you’ve gained and your knowledge of a sport to build a successful and fulfilling career in supporting recreational activities for younger generations and aspiring professionals alike.

Sports-Related Marketing

Does your business degree lean toward marketing and advertising? Look into marketing jobs with local, state, and national sports organizations that will get you up close and personal with the players. From generating interest in local little leagues to raising awareness of national campaigns for fitness through martial arts and wrestling, you can find a niche to push the boundaries of advertising with the personal touch only a true fan can have. 

Professional Team Ownership

While this may not be a possibility fresh out of business school, a fair amount of experience and success in more mainstream business careers can lead you to a facet of financial success that any sports fan would dream of – owning your own professional team. Obviously, this is going to take a lot of capital and a lot of grit, but looking into the management of professional sports and becoming a sponsor, a partner, a part-owner, and eventual full-time owner of a professional team is an excellent goal that you might reach just in time for an excellent retirement.  Though your love of sports is likely to last through any career path, these are just a few of the ways your business degree can get you into the world of sports, even when your talents mostly surfaced off the field. Remember, there’s more than one way to support your favorite sport.

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