IPL 2017: ICC President Shashank Manohar Invited by CoA to IPL Finals

Currently, the relation between the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and ICC (International Cricket Council) are not too pleasant. Hence, trying to dissolve this tension between the two agencies, the CoA (Committee of Administrators) has invited Shashank Manohar—the ICC President—to attend the finals of IPL 2017 (Indian Premier League 2017). The IPL 2017 finals will be held on May 21 at Hyderabad. The heated up situation, where BCCI and ICC both are out of step, was the result of the ICC’s decision last month of drastically cutting down the revenue sharing percent to the BCCI. Prior to his appointment as the President of ICC, Manohar was assisted with BCCI as the Chairman.

According to a report, BCCI said that the invitation was sent to Manohar on Tuesday. They consider this step as a good opportunity to board officials to sort out all the disputes with ICC as far as governance and finance models are considered. The BCCI wants to gain Manohar’s confidence first before he meets other stakeholders in the ICC.

Some of the members in BCCI—who attended SGM last week—are of the opinion that Manohar’s point of view for the revenue model will help keep the game of cricket persistent all over the world in equal measures.

Currently, the ICC is on the verge of paying an additional USD 100 Million to the previously reserved USD 293 Million. However, this is still a colossal cut from the USD 573 Million that the BCCI was received earlier.

Cricket has always been loved by all people around the world, and it will continue to remain the all-time favorite sport among them. But with the “somewhat” controversy going on between the ICC and the BCCI, do you think there will be any negative impact on the cricket fans and their love for cricket? A majority of you people will say No. But all these are associated with cricket, and we think it will definitely have some impact in some or the other way. Let’s see to what extent is this move taken by CoA will be successful in dissolving the tension between the two.

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