Is Treadmill Commercial Results Are Real?

Treadmill Machine

What we see is what we buy, and that’s how it works in the advertisement world. Every day you can watch 100’s of ADS, where they are trying to sell you a product based on the creative visuals. There is no doubt that several brands have successfully made their product extremely successful from the ADS.

However, there is also an another side of the coin, which is roughly called “Manipulation” which is one common factor which we can watch on many ADS, where they are trying to sell you products by using fake people and fake promises, which never get fulfilled.

A brand like Samsung has used the AD network to promote their over-priced smartphone called “Samsung Galaxy Grand series“, which was priced Rs.21,999 in India but it was worth less than Rs.15,000, which is truth.

Treadmill Machine

Is Treadmill Commercial Results Are Real?

If you are planning to order a Treadmill after watching an AD on the T.V then why are you rushing? There is no point in rushing if you don’t know about the brand and the product. There are several aspects which you should check before you make the purchase.

So we are going to show you, what things you should check before buying a Treadmill online.

The Brand

Almost every major brand knows that they should not make a wrong impression on a customer point of view, so they give their best on the product. The first thing which you should check is the BRAND. However, if the brand is not strong, then you should re-consider it because most of the start-up or new brands do not provide the best service.

Quality & Features

In most of the ADS, the only part which they show you is the performance of the fitness machine, but the quality of the product is crucial because you are planning to use it for years. If the build quality is below average, then it becomes extremely prone to break, which is something you cannot take care of while working out.

Coming to the features, several brands promote their products based on the features. You should know about the features and how to use them because it will help your workout easier and keep you entertained even after years to come. A devised plan is not sufficient for you, and you should make your judgement with time-to-time.


One of the major mistakes, which new buyers make is to compare their choice of product with another brand’s flagship product. You should always check the differences and differences does not entail PRICE. Remember, you cannot judge a product based on the price.You should compare the features and quality then the price comes into play.

The first you need to compare is FEATURES.

After that make sure to check the quality of the Treadmill.

The price plays it’s part, at the end of the day.


Never rush into the judgement because you have to spend your next five years with the fitness machine of your choice. You can always ask for advice or go though few customers reviews, which will assist you in several ways. Let us know your thoughts on what else to do when you plan to buy a fitness machine after watching an AD.

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