James Young Talks Last Season, NBA and Sleeping

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James Young in Somerset

This lady’s Kindergarten class gave James Young an autographed picture of themselves.

On Wednesday April 23rd James Young happened to be in my hometown of Somerset, Kentucky at the local Wildcat Wearhouse.  He was there to sign autographs and take pictures with a mass of Big Blue Nation fans.

He was very nice and respectful to all of the fans.  He also looked like he was having a pretty good time at the small gathering

Kentucky Sports Connection was able to catch up with him afterward and ask a few odd questions that others haven’t really touched on yet.


What did you think of your season at UK?

“It was a great season for me. I had an up and down season basically. I should have had more consistency.  It was a real nice season, though. It was great for us.”

Have you ever dunked on anyone as hard as you did on that dude in the National Championship game?

“It was my first body-to-body, AND1 dunk. I guess people are still talking about it today.  It was one of my favorite dunks of all time.”

Have you ever seen anything crazier than the behind the back half court shot you had?

“It was more luck than anything, I was trying to save it, but it went into the wrong basket.  I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.”

Whose more clutch you or Aaron Harrison?

“Hmmm, I say we are pretty much the same.  We did it all the time in practice, taking last second shots because we always shoot together. I’d say we are pretty much tied.”

What was your favorite moment from this past season?

“Right before the SEC Tournament, when we all started to come together, we started focusing and becoming a better team, focusing on each other.”

What are you looking forward to in the NBA?

“Meeting new people, living on my own and really just being more independent.”

Which team would you like to play for in the NBA or what is your favorite team?

“I would like to play back in my home of Detroit, but you don’t really get a choice in that matter. Back in the day [Detroit] used to be my favorite.”

Has anyone ever given you a nickname for how much you like to sleep?

“Oh my gosh.  No, but they could have.  I stay in a coma though, so I don’t really have a nickname.”

I told him that he better hope he doesn’t get drafted by the Orlando Magic because Doron will be there and he is definitely #TeamNoSleep.

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