John Calipari Reveals the Tweak that Propelled Kentucky to the Final Four

| April 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

John Calipari

John Calipari finally revealed the infamous tweak he made to his team before the SEC tournament while making an appearance on “CBS This Morning” Monday.

The tweak, it turns out, was very simple, and most probably noticed it at some point during Kentucky’s run.

Calipari explained that the big tweak was simply making his point guard, Andrew Harrison, focus on passing more than shooting.

Calipari tried to get Andrew to model his game after NBA all-star Deron Williams, who is a big-time scorer but also distributes the ball really well.

“I was trying to make the game easier for Andrew Harrison, my point guard, and I got tapes of Deron Williams, who averaged nine assists throughout his career, and he had a game where he had 11 assists, and I showed Andrew, I said, ‘look at this, let’s watch. Would you have passed or shot?’ He said, ‘I would have shot.’ Would you have passed or shot? Well, Deron was throwing balls to everybody.”

Before the SEC tournament, the Cats ran an entire practice where Andrew didn’t take a single shot. That was the turning point, according to Calipari.

“And so, I said, ‘Monday, you will not shoot one basketball. You will pass, we’re gonna run these plays, you will create shots. We will chart, we’re not telling our team.’ He comes in, he has 26 assists attempts, 21 assists that Monday, I’m mad the whole practice because it changed our team. Why didn’t I do it earlier?? And then I apologized to him, I apologized to the team and I said, ‘I screwed this up, make me look good now.’”


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