Julius Randle and James Young Answer Questions, Dance at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

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Julius Randle

Former Kentucky Wildcats Julius Randle and James Young are in New York for the annual NBA Rookie Photo Shoot, where fans and media get their first real glimpse at rookies in their NBA uniforms.

While at the event, most of the rookies took to Reddit to answer questions from fans. Following are some questions and answers from Randle and Young.

Julius Randle

Question: Who do you think will win Rookie of the Year?

Answer: Shaking my head… Who do you think it will be. You think I’m going to say anyone but myself.

Question: What would you guess your 2k rating to be?

Answer: 99

Question: Are you nervous at all to play with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers?

Answer: No! I am excited about the competition with these guys and learning a lot at a young stage of my career.

Question: Loved seeing your crossover in the summer league. What was one thing you saw in Vegas that was a big difference from college ball?

Answer: The spacing is a lot better in the NBA than in college.

Question: How does it feel going to play with your childhood hero, Kobe Bryant? Have you spoke with him yet? If so, what advice has he given you?

Answer: Yeah I’ve spoken to him. He hasn’t given me any advice yet, we’ve just talked about working out and the team.

Question: I was a big fan of yours in college and i was really hoping the celtics would draft you. Now that you’re a laker, I am going to have to root against you. How do you feel about the Celtics-Lakers rivalry?

Answer: It’s a big time rivalry. Two storied franchises. Glad to be a part of it

James Young

Question: What do you think you might have to give up now that you’re entering the professional world of basketball?

Answer: Eating cheeseburgers daily

Question: Who do you think will win Rookie of the Year?

Answer: It’s hard to say since we haven’t played any games. But I would like to say myself.

Question: What would you guess your 2k rating to be?

Answer: 73, It has to be. I’d be in a down mood if I were something like a 69. Ha.

Question: What is your all time favorite food?

Answer: Bacon cheesburger.

Question: What current player in the NBA are you looking forward to playing against the most?

Answer: James Harden because he’s a great scorer.

Question: What’s something you’re hoping on improving this season?

Answer: Getting stronger. Putting muscle on.

Question: Who’s one player that you’d like to eventually play with at some point in your NBA career (that isn’t on your current team)?

Answer: Kevin Durant. I play with him all the time in 2K.

You can read the full Q&A with all of the rookies here.

Of course, Randle and Young also took some time for a quick dance-off:

James Young also caught some alley-oops from fellow Celtics rookie Marcus Smart:

Young got in some more dancing with Smart:

Some say Young is still dancing…

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