Some words with the KKR captain and one of the finest player – Gautam Gambhir

Cricket is a game of royal players with some extra proficient talent. It is all based on how well you anticipate on the pitch if you are batsmen, and for the bowlers, accuracy, and precision does the work. Bowling in right areas is the only key point to keep the person standing in front under pressure.

While talking with one of the talented cricketers, who once played for India, and the decision maker of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambir, we felt that the game is fuelled by the spirit of the sportsperson.

Gautam Gambhir is renowned for his aggressive play on the field. The man with a high quantity of patience is known for his hard hits and accurate timings with the powerful left arm. On the other side, Gautam has always been open for expressing his thoughts, may it be related to controversies or the overall performance of the team.

At an event in New Delhi, while speaking to Gautam, he was asked if he desires to win the IPL with the hometown team Delhi. As a reply, he said, “I played for almost three years for Delhi and it is and will be in heart always. Yes, if things come in that way, I would love to finish it with Delhi.”

Later on, he quickly added that “Being the KKR captain, I would definitely rush for our third win in IPL, but at some point, I also feel that being a Delhi boy, Delhi Daredevils should also perform their best.

Moving ahead when asked about the aggression and anger on-field, He wisecracked by saying, “I get angry when we lose. I know how it feels while walking in the dressing room after losing a game. I love to walk happily into the dressing room, where my teammates are having fun and cherish the win”.

When asked about his response to Harbhajan Singh’s statement that IPL is more favorable for batsmen, Gambhir replied, “Bowler will always have multiple chances to uphold its performance but for the batsmen one bad shot or timing, you just have to walk out. If a bowler gets hits for a six, he has the next ball to cover up the loss, but in the case of batsmen, this scenario isn’t applicable at the first place.

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