Defending My #CrystalBall Picks

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I was recently granted permission by the great folks over at 247 Sports to participate in their Crystal Ball feature, where we get to actually track predictions made about where several different student athletes end up going to school.  So when I went over there, my job was to make some noise, and rattle some cages, and I feel like I did just that.  (Here’s a link to my predictions.)

Most of my predictions went with the rest of the picks, like my pick on Emmanuel Mudiay, Matt Elam, Braxton Berrios, and T.V. Williams.  However, there were two guys that I predicted would not go to the school that everyone else was predicting them to go to.  Those two were Marshon Lattimore, and Josh Perkins.

Everybody and their Momma over there was picking Marshon Lattimore to Ohio State, and why not right?  Michigan has Jabrill Peppers, Columbus is basically walking distance for Lattimore, he’s a big time talent and will be a priority for Ohio State, and one of his teammates is currently committed to Ohio State, surely little ol’ Kentucky doesn’t stand a chance, right?

Well, yeah, on the surface it looks tough.  Still though, Lattimore has had an offer from Ohio State for some time, and he’s a home town kid.  Why is that significant?  I never feel like it’s a good situation for the local school if you offer the local kid early, and he doesn’t accept early in the process.  That tells me the kid is very open to playing away from home, and that may be actually what the kid wants to do.  Seriously, if he wanted to play for Ohio State, what’s he waiting for?

With Lattimore, it’s long been rumored that he’s looking to be more in college than just a safety or cornerback, and some schools, like Ohio State, may not be open to guaranteeing him a chance to play some offense or kick/punt return.  Kentucky on the other hand, is very open to the idea, and is actually using that as a positive for themselves, basically pitching him an opportunity to come in and be Kentucky’s Charles Woodson.  It certainly helps also that UK currently has the #1 recruiting class in the country according to, and many of UK’s current commits know Marshon and are recruiting him, like Mike Edwards and Drew Barker.  So if he wants to come, there’s talent coming in with him that he can be apart of.  Oh yeah, not to mention, Vince Marrow is his lead recruiter, and Vince gets what he wants.

He may very well end up at Ohio State, but I’m just saying, the door is very much open to UK, whether people want to see it, or want to believe it.  UK players have been hinting about making a splash with someone kind of off the radar, and Mike Edwards said in an interview recently he’s been working hard on the #1 Cornerback in Ohio, and thought we were going to get him.  I’ll let you guess who he was talking about.

On to Josh Perkins, who currently everyone (but yours truly) is picking to UCLA, instead of UK.  My first inclination is to say that makes sense, but only if you are under the impression that Josh Perkins will not receive a scholarship offer to play at UK, which I don’t think will happen.

Perkins is a big time talent, and probably the top passer in the class of 2014.  He’s got great court vision, and can really make it happen for the players around him.  That’s the kind of guy that Cal really likes having hear.  Perkins can see himself playing with Emmanuel Mudiay, now the question is just whether Mudiay can see himself playing with Perkins, but my initial reaction is that Mudiay probably just wants as much talent here as we can get, to help him thrive and win a Championship.

Perkins can play with Mudiay, and he’s openly said that he wants to play in the NBA.  Oh yeah, Kentucky puts folks in the NBA, if you didn’t know.  When was the last Steve Alford point guard to play in the NBA?  I’ll wait for your answer.

To me, this is James Young 2.0.  He wants to come to UK, all he needs is an offer.  It’s reported he’ll visit UK soon, and I expect him to get his offer when he visits, and become a UK commit at that time.

So as you can see, I prefer to be a trend setter rather than just accepting what everyone else says.  You may call me crazy, but I just consider myself to be different than the rest.

Either way, things are looking great for UK, in both basketball and football.

Go Big Blue!



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